(Photo gallery) Peaceful views while in line at the Post Office

I used to have a Hello Kitty 35mm camera (similar to this) that took pictures on film. It was soon replaced by a digital point-and-shoot though all the manual cameras with interchangeable lens were expensive to me at the time.

Thanks to the advances in technology and the drop in prices for quality cameras, I was able to invest in a great beginner’s camera that included a kit lens. I like feeling less self conscious about stopping in mid-stride to crouch down and snap away!

These were taken while I was waiting in line at the post office. Love the lines and all the plants around this building on Richards Street in Honolulu. When the weather clears, I go walking a little further to see more streets and skyline.


Have you rediscovered a pastime or hobby that you’ve been trying on for size lately? Sculpting, line drawing, maybe getting your captain’s license to sail!


The fun thing about being able to take pictures is how there are so many easy and free apps to use! Pushing the color and doing whatever you’d like to do to the image…or bringing it as close as you saw it In Real Life. Wow! the possibilities are endless…


(above) Cello! It’s me, Kathy With a K: the camera will focus on where the light is (as I learn more!) and how close the lens is to the subject. Trying to find the “sweet spot” in picture taking I see so much in videos 🙂