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Kathy With a K – Words and Stuff blog (November 1, 2021)

kathy blog
(above) October 2021: A late October sunset while waiting for the light to change. On Kapahulu Avenue at Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki.

Hello and thanks for visiting!

With any new project, there are going to be challenges. For me, I am trying to upload all the fun photos and videos I discovered over the past decade or so.

Thank goodness Instagram has changed up their way of archiving. Gives me ideas on how to better my system (well, to create a system!).

A couple of years back I visited Disneyland’s “Galaxy Edge” and took a little video of the fantastic vehicles made familiar by all things Star Wars.

If you enjoyed Disney+ “The Mandalorian“, you may be excited to know the release date of “The Book of Boba Fett (movie trailer)”  is next month, December 29, 2021!

A few friends of mine are big fans of the franchise and are able to do the lengthy genealogy of some of its lesser known characters. Though really, all of the characters are major 🙂


This is just a quick note and I also wanted to share a mural I spotted outside of the Ka’kaako neighborhood that mostly houses the Pow! Wow! Hawaii art with this sighting:

kathy blog
(above) October 2021: Artist Kamea Hader and Guests are completing a large mural in Honolulu. You can see its current status near the corner of King Street and Pensacola. (this view is on Pensacola, between Young and King Street, looking Diamond Head direction).


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