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Kathy With a K: It’s So Nice To Meet You!

Who are you?

I go by “Kathy With a K” when I am on the radio; born and raised on Oahu, mostly in town (Honolulu) and Kaneohe. My immediate family is on island and in Orange County, California. 

Kathy blog
(above) 2021. View of the He’eia Fishpond (foreground) and Ko’olau Mountains in Kaneohe in the distance. The clouds hugging the top of the mountains after the rains so rule!


Why do you call yourself “Kathy With a K”?

Small kid time, I had classmates that shared the same name though (they) spelled it with a “C”. I would sometimes correct people, say “I spell my name with a ‘K’, no ‘C” involved”. Even today, if someone introduces me as “Kathy With a K”, they will say back to me the first letter of their name. Cute!


Where you wen grad? *(That is how I say it, too!)

Lahainaluna on Maui.  

Kathy blog
The L on Puu Pau Pau (Mt. Ball), above Lahainaluna High School. I visit Lahainaluna’s campus when I am on Maui for more than a day. There are so many talented, creative, and vibrant people I have gotten to know as a student and Boarder. I am a very lucky human being!


What year, tho?

You in the back, you had a question for me?


What did you do this summer?

I worked Summer Fun and got to visit family in Orange County. Mostly stayed in my (Coronavirus COVID-19) bubble that included my family, a few friends, and a little bit of walking trails. And lots of naps. 

Kathy blog
(above) View of one of the waterfalls in the distance at Yosemite National Park in California.
Kathy blog
(above) Morro Rock is pretty massive and incredible in real life. Along the Morro Bay beach line, crowds of families enjoyed the surf and sand.
Kathy blog
(above) Ka’ena Point State Park, when you enter Mokule’ia side. I enjoy walking! I’m so glad I brought my water jug and umbrella, as suggested! Nice views of the ocean and the “other side” of the Waianae Mountains.


Last movie you watched in a theatre?

Justin Chon’s “Blue Bayou“. It’s a big little independent feature. Lots of emotion, tough decisions, and a reminder that we can never really know what is happening in someone else’s life at any time. I attended a screening without watching a movie trailer or reading any reviews so I was emotionally tapped walking out as the end credits rolled! I really liked it. If you like that line of emo, see also: “Minari“, and “Driveways“. So glad you asked me about that…


Who is your favorite musical group of all time?

The Police, or as I say, “the best little band that ever was”!

(above) Concert ticket stub: The Police on February 16, 2008
(above) Concert ticket stub: The Police on February 17, 2008


Favorite beach?

The one where I find parking hahaha I like Lanikai and Waimanalo though Ala Moana Beach Park has been my go-to as of late.

Kathy blog
(above) Quiet early afternoon at Waimanalo Beach last December. I can hear the waves coming up on shore!


Favorite food?

It has changed a bit over the past few years. I like everything, not too spicy or hot though. Guess I will know when I have it!

(above) I say “yes” to a bento lunch, though! One lone broccoli floret has me closer to my vegetable quota for the day 🙂


Any favorite “a-ha!” moments?

Hang-drying my hoodies and sweatshirts. I like the softness of the fleece inside a new pullover and zip-up. Simple pleasures!


I’m super grateful for the chances to meet and chat with public figures, celebrities, and people I think are amaze. Below was that one time I jumped into action to do an interview with actor/writer/producer/entertainer/talent! Darren Criss. Such a delight!

Kathy blog
(2019) Darren Criss (TV’s “Glee”, “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”) was kind to do a quick interview about his role in the film, “Midway”. This outside of the Sharkey Theater, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.


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