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Stop AAPI Hate

Living in Hawaii, we’re in a place where being an Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) is in the majority, but we can’t forget what’s happening to our AAPI ‘ohana on the mainland. Here’s a list of resources on how to help and donate that you can share.

Report an Incident

Reporting helps track hate incidents across the US to provide statistics and information that can back policies and show action needs to be taken to prevent AAPI hate incidents.

Report a Hate Incident – Stop AAPI Hate

Report a hate incident in any language.

“You are not alone. A rise in anti-AAPI hate incidents have taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are trying to identify who this is happening to and where. Your story is important. By gathering info, we can push for better protection, educational resources, and policies that can put an end to this.”

Report – Stand Against Hatred 

Report – AAPIhatecrimes.org

Report/Resource – National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

Report – Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs (Washington)


Stop AAPI Hate – Donate to one of the main sites that provides resources and tracks hate incidents. Their report of 3,800 hate incidents against the AAPI community made headlines, and donating will help them continue to take in reports of hate incidents.

“Your support of Stop AAPI Hate enable us to track and respond to the surge in racism and xenophobia.” – Stop AAPI Hate 

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund  

“Your donation today to AALDEF will help us sustain our work to protect and promote civil rights and social justice for the Asian American community. Since 1974, AALDEF has worked every day to support access to justice, rights, and legal protections for Asian Americans, including specific recent work to:

  • Expand voting rights and protect the quality of democracy for all Americans;
  • End racial discrimination, hate crimes, and ethnic and religious profiling;
  • Provide free legal assistance and representation to trafficked women and youth;
  • Fight for the equality of Asian Americans in housing, education, and the workplace.”

– Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Support the AAPI Community Fund

“Donations will support organizations that empower and uplift the AAPI community, with initiatives such as increased community safety and support for those affected by violence.” – Support the AAPI Community Fund GoFundMe page description

Fundraisers to #StopAsianHate – List of verified fundraisers on GoFundMe

This page breaks down various categories with fundraisers to support #StopAsianHate. The categories include: Justice for the AAPI community, Safety for the AAPI community, Uplift the AAPI Community, and  Support your local AAPI Neighborhood Fundraisers.

Community Action Fund by Hate Is A Virus – “We are aiming to give back to not just national community organizations but local organizations with programs that serve various short-term and long-term goals of our community, including mental health services, improving safety & care for our elderly and efforts that build solidarity and consider the effects on other BIPOC communities.” – Hate Is A Virus, via their donation page

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum “NAPAWF is the only organization focused on building power with AAPI women and girls to influence critical decisions that affect our lives, our families and our communities. Using a reproductive justice framework, we elevate AAPI women and girls to impact policy and drive systemic change in the United States.” Learn more here.

Asian Mental Health Collective – Their mission is to “to normalize and de-stigmatize mental health within the Asian community.” Click the link and scroll down to the Support Us and click on one of the buttons to support.

Send Chinatown Love (NYC Manhattan Chinatown, Flushing, or Bensonhurst) –  “We are providing an online platform to low-tech, cash-only, Asian-owned small businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Support local merchants by making a donation or purchasing a voucher from them.”

Asian Americans for Equality (New York) “Asian Americans for Equality is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in New York City. Founded in 1974 in Manhattan’s Chinatown to advocate for equal rights, AAFE has transformed in the past four decades to become one of the city’s leading housing, social service and community development organizations.”

Compassion Oakland (Oakland, CA) – “100% of donations will fund Compassion in Oakland’s efforts to help create a safer community for our Asian Elderly.”

Donate to support those affected by the Atlanta spa shootings 

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta

“Please help support Georgia’s Asian American communities. This donation page was created to help the victims and their families impacted by the violent acts that took place on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

All donations will go directly to support the victims and their families.” – Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta

Help Elcias Hernandez Ortiz cover medical bills – Donation page verified by GoFundMe

Funeral and Family Financial Support – Donation page verified by GoFundMe for Delaina Yaun’s family

In memory of HyunJungKim to support my brother & IGoFundMe for HyunJungKim’s sons

In loving memory of Sun Cha Kim


Stop AAPI Hate – Act Now

Compassion Oakland (Oakland, CA) – “…over 400 volunteers have come forward from all across the Bay of all different backgrounds, to stand against AAPI hate. With so much support, together the 5 leaders imagined and founded Compassion In Oakland. ”  They are also looking for volunteers to manage their social media, copywriting, translating and more. You can also contact them to start Compassion in other cities.

Main Street Patrol (Flushing, New York) – “I started this organization to bring humanity to our communities and raise awareness that anti-Asian racism is real, and that xenophobia is not okay. MSP will also be a platform to help spread real practical information and resources to the community and general public on ways to safely handle situations as a victim of a crime or harassment, or as a bystander witnessing an event. So if you know someone who shares the same vision, please spread the word!” – Teresa Ting, Founder + Creator of Main Street Patrol, via their volunteer form

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Atlanta) –  In their mission statement they say, “Through our work, we envision a social movement in which communities of color are fully empowered, active in civic life, and working together to promote equity, fair treatment, and self determination for all. “


The AAPI COVID-19 Project Resources Page – Provides a section with AAPI Educational Resources as well as mental health support and various guides in different languages.

Get Help 

List of Pro-Bono Legal services – from AAPIHateCrimes.org

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association – Pro Bono Legal Resource Request

Asian Mental Health Collective

Stop Hate Project – Pro Bono Legal Services

Online Articles

Articles used to compile this page that were helpful in finding various resources and places to donate. Articles provide more in depth information about resources.

How to Help Combat Anti-Asian Violence – by Kat Moon, Time.com