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A Space Hotel plans to open by 2025. Literally!

While affordable space travel is down the line for many of us (!), it’s great to imagine how that could be!

(below: scene from “Contact”, where Jodie Foster’s character is about to engage in lift off…)


What does it really look like? Sky is the limit…safety, comfort, and luxury included 😉

In recent years, talk about civilian space flight has come from Jeff Bezos’s “Blue Origin” and Richard Branson’s “Virgin Galactic”…


(below: Blue Origin flight with “Good Morning, America”‘s Michael Strahan)


(below: interior of the Blue Origin flight with the six human passengers 🙂 )


(below: Virgin Galactic’s promotional video. 2022.)


However, Orbital Assembly Corp is doing hotel accommodation and work spaces and are aiming for a 2025 opening #whoa

(below: the Voyager Station’s general blueprint shared in a handy video from 2021)


Much closer to home is Disney’s Epcot Center as they opened their SPACE 220 dining experience in 2021 and it looks like too much fun: