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1/10/21 – COVID-19 Interview with Lt. Governor Josh Green

The Lt. Gov. talks about his recommendation to pause social gatherings for two weeks. This is a response to the recent big rise in COVID cases this week. What does one do when citizens spot a gathering of more than the limit of five people. The LG talks about the variants of the coronavirus and the state’s efforts to identify it and the fact that it’s more infectious. He talks about the vaccination efforts. Will we be facing a health care worker shortage? He addresses the disparity of travel restrictions between islands. He concludes with mental health and domestic abuse in the world of COVID.  

Lt. Governor Josh Green


1/17/21 – COVID-19 Interview with Lt. Governor Josh Green

Lt. Gov Josh Green provides his weekly update on COVID-19 in Hawaii. He talks about: the roll-out of the mass vaccine program; the prioritization of vaccine doses for Hawaii vs other states; the current state of vaccinations; the reported slowness of the vaccinations; vaccinations for those who already had COVID; the variants of the coronavirus; the anecdotal evidence of the safety of the vaccines; a review of the LG’s request for people to stay home for two weeks; the predicted time for a return for normalcy. 

Lt. Governor Josh Green